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OpenCellID is an open-source project complementary to OSM.

The intention of this project is to collect GPS positions of GSM base stations. The data collected by the contributors of this project can be downloaded from OpenCellIDs under the terms of the Open Database license.

One of the main reasons for collecting OpenCellID data is that it can later be used for locating devices in areas where GPS reception is not available.

Keypad-Mapper 4 is a perfect application for collecting OpenCellID data while simultaneously collecting house numbers because Keypad-Mapper 4 users systematically walk down many different streets which guarantees optimal data for OpenCellID. Base stations along main roads can already be found in the database but base stations off the main streets are rare. This makes Keypad-Mapper a valuable source for CellID data.

This feature cannot be switched off. Please use keypadmapper2 if you do not want to contribute to OpenCellIDs.

Reading the OpenCellID data from the GSM modem requires the permission 'to read phone state and identity'. The app does NOT use any other information of the phone state and identity except MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID, and signal strength. The implementation of this feature ensures that the data is collected anonymously, ensuring full compliance with the very strict privacy laws in Germany.

OpenCellID data is sent via the internet to the OpenCellID servers immediately after they are collected. If the Wi-Fi only option is activated in the settings menu, the data is stored on the phone until a Wi-Fi connection is available.