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This page list a number of other smartphone apps and web applications that allow to add POIs to OpenStreetMap.

Android smartphone apps

The following Smartphone mapping apps complement the Keypad-Mapper 4:

Name Screenshot Description Comment Keypad-Mapper 4 comparison
OSMpad 120px-OsmPad.png mapping of house numbers by defining the exact position of the house number tag with the help of an integrated map The app provides a very clever idea for precise mapping of house numbers. KPM4 provides all core features of OsmPad;

this app was not updated since May 2012
OSMapTuner 120px-OSMapTuner_screenshot.jpg Main purpose of OSMapTuner is "tuning the map" - this means, its features focus on on-site editing of tags: editing existing tags, adding new tags, removing wrong tags. To help you with this, OSMapTuner provides a feature named "Tag Validation" which can be activated in the options menu. There, you will also find the option to activate/deactivate layers, download data for offline editing, and preferences.

Tag validation is a feature which tries to highlight errors in features based on information provided in the OSM Wiki. Depending on the severity of the error, a feature will be shown "red" (probably a serious issue), "orange" (small issue) or "green" (probably no issue).

The intended use of OSMapTuner is to edit or add tags and tag values to existing map features.
Thus, the developers decided to focus on this functionality of OSMapTuner and to omit the functionality for adding nodes or ways.

This app was not updated since March 2012
OSMtracker 112px-Osmtracker_android_start.png track logging (gpx) and quick (voice) waypoint annotations while driving in a car or on a bicycle  ??? KPM4 provides all core features of the OSM-tracker;

this app is continously updated;
Vespucci 120px-Vespucci_screenshot.png Functionality:

- Create and edit new Nodes and Ways
- Append Nodes to existing Ways
- Create and edit Tags
- Download from and upload to OSM-Server
- Highlight unnamed highways, and ways/nodes with TODOs or FIXMEs
- Add, comment and close Notes
- Use a variety of background tile layers as reference
- Showing the users GPS-Track with accuracy
- Display the raw-data

 ??? KPM4 provides mapping and editing of nodes only whereas Vespucci fully supports more complex OSM data types like ways;

this app is continously updated;
KeypadMapper2 100px-Keypadmapper2_1.8_keypad.png older version of the Keypad-Mapper; does not collect OpenCellID data see also here this older version of the Keypad-Mapper was highly dedicated to the mapping of house numbers and addresses;

this version of the app was not updated since June 2012

Web based applications

Name Screenshot Description Comment
Yapis [???.png | 50px] add POI information to OpenStreetMap  ???