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new features planned for version 3.2

  • highlights
    • Configurable buttons:
      Keypad-Mapper is currently highly optimized for mapping house numbers and addresses. With limited effort and annoyance to house number mappers, it is possible to enhance the app for mapping other types of nodes. This feature is exemplified by a story Nic told us: 'After writing KeypadMapper2, I was contacted by a bush pilot; he makes wildlife surveys for African nature reserves. So I changed the buttons of the app from text buttons to image buttons. I added an image chooser so that he can bind each button to an image, a command and a piece of text that will be added to the log file. The target device is a 10" tablet. Attached is the source code.'
      The following features will be implemented:
      • add some configurable buttons (or make existing ones configurable) - the configurability should allow for switching additional configurable but fixed OSM tags (e.g. 'roof:shape=gabled') being applied to the next application of an address
      • option to store separate addr:flat values, this is currently done using the notation 'x,y-z' for 'house number, flat range' but this requires a manual translation into two tags
      • option to add wheelchair=*, entrance=*, building=* and other tags associated with buildings, addresses, and house numbers
      • option to add housename/note/fixme etc.
      • option to assign any image to each keypad
      • option to switch between multiple sets of tags
      • editor to allow the user to define the tags to be added to the .osm file when tapping on one of the keys of the keypad
      • option to allow the user to complete tags if required (e.g. add the building height to the tag building:levels=*)
      • option to hide the configurable buttons features
    • provide customisable menu bar:
      customize visible icons and customize icon sorting order, allow 1 or 2 menu bars, allow different menu bars for each screen, allow different menu bars for both orientations
    • integrate geoChat feature:
  • other new features
    • list with missing house numbers in the currently active street / around me
    • offline data for street names, postal codes, and city names; allow the area to be downloaded; be able to download and save multiple areas; delete offline data older than x days (customizable))
    • GPS based drop down menus for selecting the current street name, zip code and city name; use online data if available, otherwise offline data
    • customisable track logging interval for .gpx file
    • play sound file or vibrate if GPS reception is poor
    • write HDOP into .gpx file. JOSM can display circles around the track points. The radius of these circles indicates the DOP value (high DOP = bad GPS = large circle).
    • offer a dropdown menu for selecting nearby country, postal code, city/subburb, street in the keypad screen and in the address editor screen
    • include a feature to add addr:flat values like addr:housenumber=15 addr:flats=a-c
  • UI improvements
    • save vertical space by presenting a button on the keypad screen instead of the 'note for this location' line
    • additional translations: Chinese, Portugese, Japanese, other?
    • additional menu bar option to enable/disable auto-rotate of display
    • remember address editor settings after quitting the app for the next session
    • allow launching the app without switching GPS on
    • additional menu bar option to switch the LED light of the device on/off for reading a house number
    • allow multiple pictures at the same time

new features in version 3.3 or later (not yet decided)

  • implement new screen with OsmAnd features: pan map below fixed marker in the middle of the screen, then enter house number and save it
  • provide platform to upload recorded data for other mappers to process it with JOSM
  • gamification: implement more features to motivate the mapper (e.g. scoring lists)
  • allow editing tags of an existing house number
  • adopt house number format to
  • OpenStreetBugs integration: execute an alert if the mapper is close to a bug reported in OpenStreetBugs or one of the other OSM bug portals and allow the mapper to correct the bug. For the Keypad-Mapper this should be limited to bugs in data the Keypad-Mapper is dedicated to (missing street for house number, missing house number of a building...)
  • offer menu item “new street” where house numbers that were already tagged would be asked how old it is, otherwise it will ask for the name of the new street; if this is skipped when the next house number is being created, it will ask again
  • add overview map for better orientation
  • hide the house number entry field